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Anonymous asked:

Hey there, I've just recently been locked into chastity for 2 years due to a lost bet, and was wondering, is living in chastity hard? Thx


Great question. I believe the answer is subjective however. I have chosen to be locked up for my own reasons and goals. So for me, it isn’t too hard since it’s what I wanted. For you however, since it wasn’t your choice, it may be more difficult.

The obvious difficulty at first are middle of the night and morning erections. They can be painful and take some getting used to. I’ve reached a point where having those have been reduced greatly and happen much less often.

Jerking off, as I knew it is no longer an option (by choice). I can’t just go and rub one out anymore, as I was used to doing for the majority of my life. Since my motivation and desire for using chastity was to change how I masturbate, or I should say how I achieve orgasm. So instead of rubbing my cock to have an orgasm, I now achieve orgasms from anal stimulation only.

Finding the right cage is very important too. Not all cages can be worn for longer periods of time and can be extremely painful and irritating. It took me several attempts and purchases before finding a cage that was comfy enough and didn’t cause irritation for longer term wear.

So, in the beginning, yes its hard. There are times you just want to rip the cage off to relieve the pain of an erection in the middle of the night or to just rub one out. As far as just normal day to day life, there is really no difference since no one knows I have a cock cage under my pants.

Good luck and feel free to update me with your thoughts and experiences while in chastity.


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